How to Make Sure That Your Solar Farm Performs As Well As Possible

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If you've installed a solar farm so you can take advantage of the energy provided by nature, you may be looking forward to some future savings. Yet if you want to maximise your opportunities and take full advantage of your investment, you must ensure ongoing, smooth operation and try to avoid any drawbacks. What are the key points to remember as you plan your maintenance tasks ahead?

Preventative Maintenance

A solar plant is made up of many individual components, and each one of them will require a certain amount of preventative maintenance.

Key Areas of Attention

For example, ensure that the modules are cleaned in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Use good quality cleaning tools and avoid any damage to the glass surfaces. More often than not, you can get away with a domestic brush, so long as it does not have hard bristles and make sure that you wipe everything down when you have finished to avoid leaving any stains.

Pay particular attention to the transformer and make sure that it is operating within defined parameters. In particular, look at the oil levels and temperatures and ensure that the unit is carefully cleaned whenever needed. You may need to get the transformer professionally tested so that you do not suffer any drop off in performance as time goes by.

Next, have a look at the inverter. It should always be kept as cool as possible and should be installed in a dustproof and well-ventilated location. If not, you may need to take extra steps to get rid of any dust accumulation and always ensure that the air intake filter is clean.

General Maintenance

When it comes to general maintenance, ensure that the area in and around the solar farm is well-drained and avoid rainwater pooling at all costs. If you don't, you risk corrosion, which will certainly reduce the life of the equipment. Keep bird nests or other animal infestations under control and away from the equipment.

Overall Monitoring

Many people will use remote monitoring technology to keep a close eye on the equipment from a distance. This may act as an early warning of any potential issues, so you can take action as and when necessary.

Expert Input

If you really want to look after your solar farm and take a lot of the stress away from the equation, outsource this work to professionals.

For more information about solar farm maintenance, contact a local company.