Is It Time to Say Goodbye to Your Old Electrical Switchboard?

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In modern society, nobody can effectively exist without an electricity supply. You may rely on this utility without even thinking about it, but sometimes, you need to pay close attention to your home installation and may need to take certain steps to upgrade your supply. Why should you take a closer look at your meter box or switchboard?

Managing Supply

As you may know, your switchboard or meter box is effectively the manager of your electricity needs. Power flows from the supplier into this box, where it is then diverted across a variety of different circuits throughout the home. This is where you find the breakers that are designed to automatically trip should any problem arise.

The Passage of Time

As most people do not think about this switchboard unless a problem arises, it may stay "as is" for many years. Time moves on, and so does technology, and if your switchboard is very old, it may be in need of replacement. Don't forget; it needs to cope with new computers, high-wattage televisions and other modern-day gadgets that may not have been around when it was installed. Consequently, your panel may struggle to deal with your electricity needs, which could lead to problems in the future.

Insurance Requirements

Some insurance companies might require a homeowner to upgrade their switchboard if it is of a certain age. They might insist that the installation meets modern safety regulations before agreeing to give coverage. Although your broker may not have mentioned this yet, you should be prepared.

Doing the Numbers

When talking about those "hungry" electronic devices, it's always good to assess how much power you require to see if your current switchboard can meet your wattage requirements. Most people do not calculate those numbers, but it does not take much to stress out the electrical panel in the modern era of consumption. If your growing family means that you have purchased a stand-alone freezer to augment your current needs, you must be getting close to the threshold.

Renovation and Switchboard Upgrade

Any time you carry out renovation, you should certainly think of your electrical installation and panel. If you need to add outlets to a new home office or bigger kitchen, you may need an entirely new circuit. You may not be able to modify an older panel in this way, so you must install a new one instead.

Performing the Work

Remember, this is definitely not a job for an amateur, and you need to bring in a qualified electrician instead. Once they have replaced your switchboard or installed new circuitry, they will certify the work for safety purposes.

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