Can Your Oven Be Repaired or Does It Need Replacing?

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When something goes wrong with your oven, it doesn't always need to be outright replaced, as a simple repair job can often get it working again quickly and easily. However, there are some problems with an oven that can't be fixed, which means that it may be time to go shopping for a new one. Note a few considerations to keep in mind when it comes to oven repair so you know if yours can be fixed or will need an outright replacement.

Door won't close

An oven door that won't close may be the result of a faulty hinge. Oven hinges can wear out over the years due to the weight of the door and simply from excessive use. A repair person can often replace this hinge quickly and easily.

If the door opens easily but doesn't seem to sit against the oven body itself when you close it, this can be a worn gasket. This is a rubber piece that is attached to the door, or to the oven body, in order to create a tight seal. When this rubber piece is worn or damaged, it won't seal the door against the oven body, and you may notice that the door seems to "float" rather than stay in place. This piece is also simple enough for a repair person to replace.

Won't turn on

An oven that doesn't get hot enough may need a new thermostat, so it can properly read its internal temperature. However, if the oven doesn't turn on at all, this may be a faulty gas valve in a gas oven; if this valve is broken, it won't allow gas to flow to the ignition of the oven, so the burners that create heat don't get lit.

For an electric oven, failure to turn on is often caused by faulty wiring to the heating coil. These fixes are not DIY jobs since they're both very dangerous, but a repair person can usually replace a valve or wiring to get the oven working again.


A small bit of rust on the surface of the oven interior can sometimes be sanded down and removed and covered with a rust inhibitor. However, if rust has eaten through the oven, this often cannot be repaired; even a metal patch can allow heat through that hole so that the oven cannot read a proper temperature and you cannot keep it warm enough. When these rust holes form, this often means you simply need to shop for a new oven.