Factors that Dictate HVAC Maintenance Contract Pricing

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If you have been working for an HVAC servicing company and you believe that you have what it takes to go it alone, then, by all means, do so. However, you must understand that the service industry is difficult to price because it does not deal with physical purchase of goods. For example, if you are not careful, you might find yourself offering air conditioning maintenance services at rates that are not sustainable to your business. Therefore, before you sign on the dotted line of a service contract with potential clients, you must make sure that the contract price is right for the business. This article provides information on factors that will help you to set a competitive HVAC service contract price.

Environmental Conditions -- AC systems can be used in all manner of environmental conditions; therefore, you must put this into consideration when setting your contract price. For instance, consider a client who lives in an area that experiences frequent dust storms. The AC system of such a customer would require a lot of work during maintenance due to the external conditions the device is exposed to; therefore, you should set your rates accordingly. However, if a client lives in an area with a moderate climate, then your maintenance going rates should be relatively low. Therefore, make sure that you consider the environmental conditions the AC system is installed.

Usage -- How often your potential client uses their HVAC system should also help you to price your services. For instance, if you land a client whose premise requires the AC system to run 24 hours a day, then your pricing must accommodate the possibility of carrying out maintenance services outside of regular business hours and days. In contrast, if a customer uses their air conditioning unit less frequently or even puts it off at times, then they will almost certainly require your services during regular working hours. The contract price for the client in the first example will be higher than the second client's pricing.

Climate -- As you start your HVAC servicing business, you should expect clients from different areas in the country. With climatic conditions fluctuating during various seasons, pricing your maintenance service based on this aspect is critical to staying in business. If you have a client who lives along the humid Australian coast, then they will most likely need a lot more maintenance on their AC systems than a client who lives in the cooler areas such as Tasmania. Therefore, HVAC service pricing for hotter climates will be higher than that for systems working in colder conditions.  

Theses are just a few of the factors that affect the price of air conditioning services