If You Have An Electrical Emergency, Do These Three Things First

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No one wants to be caught in an electrical emergency. But if you are prepared before an electrical emergency strikes, then you increase your chances of saving your home, your money, your appliances and maybe even your life. 

Types of electrical emergencies include the following: fallen power lines outside the property, electrical shocks and electrical fires. All of these are emergencies as they require immediate action in order to reduce risk to your property and loved ones. In an electrical emergency, you will need to call someone to perform emergency electric work and to get urgent electrical repairs. 

If you ever find yourself in an electrical emergency, here are the three things to do first.

1. Turn Off The Power Supply

It doesn't matter whether you are in your home, someone else's or your place of work. In an electrical emergency, the first thing to do is to make sure that the power supply is shut off. Try not to touch anything connected to an electrical socket until the main power is switched off.

The longer the power stays on, the greater the risk there is of a fire starting or a person being electric shocked. If someone has been shocked, do not touch them until the power supply has been turned off. Always know where the power supply is located and make sure everyone in your family or workplace knows where it is.

2. Reduce Immediate Risk

If someone has been hurt by electric shock or electrical fire, call emergency services immediately. You can put out an electrical fire using a carbon dioxide CO2 fire extinguisher only — do not use water to put out an electrical fire as water can make electrical emergencies and fires worse. Baking soda can also be used to put out an electrical fire. 

In an electrical emergency, make sure that everyone is safe, away from fire and appliances and never use water on an electrically-caused fire.

3. Call A Electrician To Perform Emergency Electrical Work

Call a local, trusted emergency electrician as soon as you safely can. They will be able to locate the cause of the electrical emergency and safely fix it. They will repair the issue to industry standards and reduce further risk. Do not attempt to fix electrical emergencies yourself.

Always be prepared in case of an electrical emergency. Know where your power supply is, keep everyone safe and call for electrical repairs as soon as you can. Contact a local emergency electrical work service to learn more.