The Safety Device That Will Protect Your Family From Electric Shocks

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There are many hazards to living in Australia, from the dangerous snakes and spiders on land, to the ferocious crocodiles and sharks that live on the coast. What many people don't expect is to have to deal with life or death situations in their own homes, but this is exactly where you should be most prepared. Electricity is extremely useful, but when it malfunctions, it can be deadly, and this change can happen in a fraction of a second. If you live alone or with young children, then there might not be anyone around to help you if this happens, which is why it is so vital that you have safety switches installed.

What Is A Safety Switch?

A safety switch is a device that is installed on an individual circuit in your home that monitors the the live (and neutral) wires to detect if the current is acting normally or if there is some malfunction. If an electric current is behaving abnormally, then safety switches will turn off the entire circuit in a fraction of a second. That is because a common cause of an electric current behaving abnormally is when it is connected to something new, which could be a person. If an electric current is somehow travelling through a person, then they could struggle to turn it off, and without safety switches, the result could be fatal.

Isn't That What A Circuit Breaker Does?

Circuit breakers' primary function is to protect the circuits themselves from damage. If the current travelling through your body is not deemed a danger to the electrical circuit itself, then a circuit breaker would not shut it off. That is why you can still be electrocuted with a circuit breaker, but not with safety switches installed. Circuit breakers are good and very necessary, but they do not provide you or your family with protection from electricity.

If You Have a Safety Switch, Are You Okay?

Safety switches have to be installed on each and every circuit in your home, and that means you need several at a bare minimum. Having one safety switch is good, but it will not protect every room or area of your house. If you are unsure what area of your home is covered by your safety switches, then simply call an electrician. They will know how to test for safety switches and also be able to install some if it turns out you don't have the required amount.